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Ocean Beach is located on the Barnegat Peninsula along the Jersey Shore,
separating the Barnegat Bay from the Atlantic Ocean.

The bay at Ocean Beach Unit 1 is a beautiful place
to watch some of the best sunsets on the east coast.


April 11, 2015

NJDOT Route 35 Reconstruction Project

April 3, 2015

In our last meeting, I agreed to contact Toms River Housing and Property to determine if any action could be taken regarding homes that were damaged by Sandy, but had not yet been remediated thru reconstruction or demolition.
They informed me that all houses that were structurally damaged had been addressed under Phase II of the clean up process, where the town demo all houses determined to be structurally unsafe as a result of Sandy.
They also informed me that all houses/properties must be properly maintained, i.e., no high grass, no garbage in the yard, no hanging gutters, broken windows, etc..  If a house is not properly maintained, anyone can call the Housing and Property Department, 732 341 1000 x 8440 and report the property.  They will send an inspector to the property within a couple of days to assess the situation and take action.
If a house has been gutted, but not fixed,, as long as the outside property is maintained, there is nothing we can do.
If you have any concerns about a particular property, let me know, and I will look into it, and if necessary contact the town.
Tom Pospisil


March 19, 2015

We've had numerous complaints this winter about people not cleaning up after their dogs and allowing them to run free throughout the unit. Too many homeowners have come down to find numerous piles of dog feces on their property, their neighbors, the walkways and on the beach. Besides being rude this is unhealthy for humans and animals alike. If you see or know of anyone doing this please notify the trustees so we can address it. In the meantime we would like to remind everyone of the club rules and state law
***Dogs are to be on a leash at all times.
***Pet owners must clean up after their pets. There is a township fine starting at $100 for the first offense and $250 thereafter.
***Renters in the Summer or Winter are not allowed to have pets.There is a $100 daily fine for every pet. The homeowner is responsible for paying this fine.
***Homeowners are required to notify the club in writing if they are renting their house during the winter. This is for everyone's safety during the more isolated winter months.
***Feeding stray animals is against club rules and common sense. It attracts other animals, results in litters and becomes a cycle of overpopulation along with the cost and upsetment of calling in animal control. Club and county regulations require you to neuter/spay any outside animals you are feeding.The local ASPCA does it for $50 if you bring the animal in.  Please follow this rule and keep the receipt in case the club needs to address this by calling in animal control to catch them and who would then notify the police for ticketing and fines.
At the spring meeting we will be addressing these issues and ways to better enforce them. If you have suggestions beforehand please let us know. 
Thanks Everyone!


March 8, 2015

To all owners of OB1 

If you rent your house, & the renter has a dog/s you will be fined $50 the first day
& then $100 a day there after.


Pres.  Bob Blair

March 5, 2015

Sandy victims must pay for taller utility poles

February 27, 2015

The FEMA Workshop on Wednesday held over in Toms River, was meant to be for indiviual homeowners and their questions.  But in conversation with the FEMA representative that I talked to and the Insurance representative I talked to, here is a summary of what I learned.

The most current maps are available on www.Region2Coastal.com/sandy/table.  These maps are currently scheduled to be adopted in the summer of 2016.  At that time then insurance carriers can then use those maps for flood insurance rates.  In OBI, where some homes were originally in VE 10 zone and they are now not in a flood zone, until the maps are adopted the residentsy can not take advantage of the reduced insurance premiums.

Will the Beach Replenishment scheduled to be done by the Army Core of Engineers change the current maps?  The consistent response I got was that FEMA would look at the information provided by the ACE when completed, and determine whether there should be any adjustments in the maps.  The FEMA representative I talked too, felt there would not be any adjustments to the bayside flood zones as a result of the ACE work.

I have attached the FEMA map for OBI, the ocean front houses are in VE 16 zone, meaning that they would have to be elevated at least 16 feet above sea level, and be constructed to withstand wave action.  The house behind them, generally 4--5 house down each street are not in a flood zone.  Below them to down Bay Beach Way, the zone is AE 7.  The last four houses on each side of Bay Beach Way are in AE8 zone.

The other document is just information on flood risks and insurance options.  The bottom of the page talks about the 90 day appeal period that is now available to homeowners, i.e., if a homeowner feels they are in a zone that they should not be they can appeal, to FEMA.  The current deadline for appeals is June 30th.  

Let me know if you have any questions.



Cell 201 832 9983
Childers Sotheby's International Realty
732-793-5500 (office)
732-793-1235 (fax)

Download document

Fema Map 2.27.15

February 22, 2015

We have had a number of people who are here full time, experience frozen water pipes this week, and a broken water pipe.
If owners did not have the pipes blown out, they could experience water damage when the pipes thaw later.
Should we advise the owners by email/website that this is occuring?


January 15, 2015

 Residents of OBSC1, please be advised that Toms River Police are patrolling our streets. If you any issues, call officer Stoccco, & he will help in any way that he can.    


Bob Blair, Pres.